Facility owners have to be prepared and responsible for any number of possibilities and contingencies. Planning for a retrofit or upgrade requires outdated drawings to be updated. Filing for insurance or with the local Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) means submitting current as-built diagrams. Requesting a vendor proposal or even selling a facility benefits from having accurate as-built facility schematics. Unlike the lengthy survey process required for as-built drawings, 3D scanning provides you a digital, millimeter-accurate representation of your facility that can be used by engineers and board members alike and shared with vendors, consultants or others.

Traditional as-built drawings are limited in their use and accessibility. Most people aren’t specialists and cannot understand as-built drawings. However, anyone with a modern computer or smartphone can interact with basic pre-rendered 3D models. They can easily be shared digitally to ensure all parties have an identical representation of anything – from a single piece of equipment to an entire facility. Point cloud data with models superimposed can be used as illustrative and design tools but also as complex step-by-step project planning and risk mitigation, ensuring that cost overruns due to unforeseen project difficulties are minimized.

3D as-built scans are an asset that can be used in any number of situations. Whether you’re planning a quote on a new irrigation system on facility grounds, validating code-compliance for fire-safety sprinkler systems, designing a major equipment retrofit or finding a tenant or a buyer – 3D scans of the facility can be leveraged in any situation when a visualization of the facility can be useful. As-built scans can be completed quickly and delivered, making 3D Scanning the optimal choice when deadlines are tight.

Understanding the benefits of 3D scanning is easy, and getting your facility scanned is even easier. Choose a 3D Scanning firm with experience in commercial and industrial environments. You want to make sure that the engineers scanning your facility have the experience to do the job efficiently and correctly the first time, without any ‘gaps’ in the scanned point cloud that would leave out key angles and information.

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