If you execute or manage facility upgrades, equipment retrofit projects or installations for commercial or industrial facilities you know that 2D as-built drawings are cumbersome to use and hard for every stakeholder to understand. 2D is hard to consume if you are not familiar with working with as-built drawings. 2D as-built drawings with 3D designs superimposed leave out key elements for clash detection while the manual measurements made to generate drawings and designs are prone to mistakes.

When designing or installing new equipment 3D scans can verify everything fits correctly the first time, avoiding costly delays and downtime. Halting equipment installations due to an unexpected clash with overhead conduits or other machinery can be incredibly expensive. Production line downtime alone can be catastrophic before labor and the costs of rework are even calculated. 3D scanning allows a design and a real-world digital representation of the environment in 3D to be checked thoroughly for any issue or conflicts, long before a single component is shipped or cust is made.

Even if designs are perfect, custom fabricated elements aren’t always made exactly to spec. 3D Scanning allows your team to not only design in 3D, but to validate custom fabrication before it gets shipped. This means the components coming from fabricators are always exactly what was ordered, saving time and money.

Project demolition and installation phases can be completely planned and simulated in 3D. This ensures every step of installation can be planned, accounting for tight spaces and safety concerns. This reduces project risk and ensures that there are no unexpected hurdles as the project is executed.

3D scanning, modeling and simulation reduce project risk and contingency budgets by ensuring you can plan, design and execute projects with a fully-accurate 3D digital representation of the project environment and components. 3D scans and models can be easily understood by all project stakeholders and ensure that all measurements are millimeter accurate. Project phases and critical tasks can be fully simulated in 3D to enhance both safety and efficiency. 3D scanning for commercial and industrial projects is the safest, most efficient and most economical way to manage projects.

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