Hosted by Diversified Communications, The SPAR 3D conference is considered the premier conference addressing the use and adoption of 3D technology within industrial and manufacturing applications and settings. The Acensium team will be attending SPAR 3D June 5-7, 2018 in Anaheim, California.

About SPAR:

“Since 2004, SPAR 3D has been showcasing best-in-class professional 3D products, from input to output technologies. Conference content covers 3D sensing, 3D processing and 3D visualization tools that are changing the landscape of how assets are managed, projects are pitched, and designs are created. As the global leader in 3D technology, SPAR 3D brings together the top hardware, software and visualization solutions providers from across the globe together under one roof for 3 action-packed days of education, exhibits and live demonstrations. Technologies explored include 3D devices from close and long range cameras, sensors and scanners to VR and 3D visualization and printing technologies.”

Within an industrial environment, maintenance engineers are using AR to inspect equipment for faults in real-time, while the machinery operates. An engineering consultant brought in to retrofit of a power plant can quickly assess the current situation using Augmented Reality hardware and can then use the AR system to superimpose models of new equipment over the view of the actual plant while looking for possible conflicts with structural members, conduits or risks to personnel. After retrofits are complete, maintenance personnel benefit from modern industrial equipment embedded with many discrete sensors collecting data and feeding information on the status of various components. Linking this sensor network to AR technology gives insight into every part of a facility with a glance.

Digitization, AR & VR technology can go beyond the maintenance engineering or retrofit engineering needs of an industrial facility. As with every business, managing knowledge transfer and onboarding new staff is a critical task. As key employees retire or move on to different opportunities, seamless transfer of responsibility is needed for continued efficient operation. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality bring knowledge transfer tasks to a new level of automation. Acensium’s 3D scanning expertise puts them on the forefront of this industrial technological revolution.

Since 2003, Acensium has been an industry-focused engineering and intellectual services provider – originally founded in Denver, Colorado. Acensium delivers operations, consulting, retrofit and engineering support for numerous industries. Across the United States, Acensium’s extensive expertise in the mitigation of combustible dust has been provided to the power, steel and textile industries.

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