Preparing a “Complete” Retrofit RFQ

Do you remember the last time you sent out a comprehensive RFQ with 100% accurate, as-built drawings for your vendors to bid off of? Unless you have had an as-built 3D scan done right before putting the RFQ together, you probably don’t have 100% accurate drawings available to use.

Old drawings of your facility (if you can find them) are usually incomplete, inaccurate, or just plain missing. In the end, this means that you are asking your vendors to make many assumptions that will end up costing you time and money during the project and will lead to change orders.

Avoid Costly Change Orders and Delays

If the project runs over schedule due to costly downtime and delays, it may appear that you did not plan the project well enough in advance. You did your homework, got everything you had available together, but it just wasn’t enough to avoid this situation. With short lead times and demanding budgets, what solution is there?

3D scanning is a quick, cost-effective solution to ensuring that 100% accurate as-built representations are available for a vendor RFQ, design work, demo and install planning, or any other project requirements. During the earliest planning phase, Acensium will come to your facility and 3D Scan and Model the work area to ensure you have 100% exact as-built documentation for your vendors to bid off of. At this time, all the risk goes to vendor estimators not to miss anything that you have provided, eliminating the chance of change orders at the end of the project. Contractors will be able to give you more complete proposals, with all contingencies minimalized, as they know exactly what they are working with.

You will be a big hit with your purchasing team as well as the spread in the proposal amounts from your vendors should shrink and the technical team can focus on the product working and not if it will fit correctly. You should see the outage times shorten, too. With 3D scanning, there are no “what-ifs” to deal with.

Contact us before you start preparing your next RFQ and for once, be able to sleep at night during an outage knowing you have fully planned the project before it starts.