Closing the loop and preparing for future projects - Record Drawings.

One of the most impressive stories to tell is how it’s possible to design and fabricate a highly complex piece of equipment and then install it into an environment already loaded with existing machinery (with a maze of utilities running every which way) without ever once using a tape measure. When you work exclusively in 3D, this is not just a story, it is simply how business is done. Using the power of 3D validation services to develop a highly accurate 3D model of the existing environment creates a background into which new equipment will be designed. This process can happen in just days, whereas the ‘old school’ method of documenting “as-built” conditions may have taken weeks or months with surveying equipment and tape measures.

Whether as-built drawings are needed for insurance purposes, to fulfill legal requirements for the authority having jurisdiction (AHJ) or for planning a major expansion and retrofit, it is important to ensure that they are accurate and readily available. With the realities of daily O&M requirements over years of operation coupled with traditional as-built recordkeeping, it is not uncommon to have as-built drawings that are outdated and incorrect. This is not only a liability for reporting, outdated or incorrect as-built drawings can significantly drive up unplanned costs for a project and drastically increase vendor bids. Millimeter accurate laser scanning ‘reality capture’ hardware can record as-built conditions in a series of scans.

Record As-Built Conditions.

Closing the loop

Post Outage Blues

That time when weeks of 7/12 shifts are over and the last thing you want to do is go back and document the project you just started up. But now is the time to capture and store valuable data.


Record drawings and models provide accurate information for the next retrofit at the same site. They provide a detailed snapshot of what was actually procured, fabricated, and installed.

What could you do with a high definition scan of your next project? Our millimeter-accurate scanners capture reality in very high detail. Want to learn more? We’re ready to help. Let’s discuss your project today!


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