Elevating Quality & Reducing Cost

3D Scanning Services

Elevating Quality

The process of working in 3D can improve quality in several ways. During the design phase, 3D allows for all elements of a project to interact as they will in the real world. Mating parts, tolerances, and potential interferences can all be analyzed and accurately quantified within the computer in 3D space. This eliminates much of the guesswork and referencing that happens in the 2D world. Following the fabrication of new equipment, those parts/assemblies can then be laser-scanned, modeled in 3D and then directly compared to the original design model – all in 3D. Any deviation is clearly visible and measurable on-screen. Current software packages will generate alerts when tolerances are not met, all of which can be dealt with quickly at the shop. During the installation phase, 3D can then be used again to quantify the accuracy of the installation. If a tolerance is not being met, it can be fixed in real-time before the issue propagates down the line and creates larger problems downstream.

Reducing Cost-pic

Reducing Cost

Project cost reductions can be realized in several ways when working in 3D. The analytical tool now available and applicable to 3D models allow for optimizing the design through computer simulations. The power of this cannot be understated: Going into a project with a very high level of confidence that the design will meet the customer’s needs can save an enormous amount of rework cost on the back end. The facts have been proven through our projects, time and time again, that getting the design right before any metal is cut or any bolts are tightened is what defines success. Aside from getting the design right from the start, cost savings can be found at each and every step of the process when utilizing 3D. As stated above in the other 4 themes, elements of increased efficiency and risk mitigation all translate to reducing the time between project launch and project close. Eliminating rework and increasing process efficiency simply cannot happen without a solid foundation in the 3D world. The technology is here and each year brings more innovation and more opportunity to leverage 3D tools in delivering perfectly executed projects.

Scan. Model. Plan.
Reduce Risk.

Benefits of Working in 3D

The positive impacts from working exclusively in 3D are extensive, but can be captured in a few major themes:
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