Project Risk Management

Use 3D visualization to control risk in your retrofit project

Risk Management Process

Risk management involves identifying, evaluating and prioritizing risks coupled with the allocation of resources to minimize, control or eliminate the risks based on the prioritization. Risk management is an important part of any engineering project whether building a new facility, retrofitting an old one or implementing equipment to meet safety standards.


Plant engineering teams are specialists in power plant engineering but are not always risk management experts. For example, when dealing with the hazards of a combustible dust, like coal dust, there are unique challenges that occur when planning and executing projects. Even engineers with vast experience and well accustomed to material handling solutions still need a comprehensive risk management plan when dealing with hazardous combustible dust conditions.

3D Scanning Services

Acensium Insight

The Acensium risk management process starts with a planning phase when the project is initiated, continuing with the risk identification and assessment phases. These phases vary in scope and detail from project to project. If a project involves evaluating geo-technical data and evaluating underground site features, there will likely be a different level of detail needed than an evaluation of site security, sufficient insurance and permitting bonds.


After risks are assessed, the response and control phase is underway. During this phase, the risk responses are planned based on the prioritization made in the risk assessment phase. The risk responses are then executed, as planned, at the appropriate project stages.

Scan and Model

Without accurate as-built drawings, the project success is at risk. Capture high definition scans of your “as-is” conditions in the most demanding settings.


Still pulling a tape measure verify dimensions? Validate your project with millions of measurements at the shop and in the field.


Everybody cannot read drawings. Include your entire team in your design process. Conceptualize your projects in rich, near photo realistic VR environments.


Close your projects with true “as-built” documentation – full 3D scans with BIM. Completing this step prepares you for the next retrofit in this area.

Ongoing Project Control

During the project’s execution, constant detail-oriented risk-monitoring and control processes are undertaken to evaluate changes to known risks and identify previously unplanned risks. As risks are mitigated or eliminated through the execution of the project, risk monitoring and control can typically be ‘shut down’ with the close of the project, or handed off to the operations team who will manage risk in the ongoing operation.


Risk management is not a complicated undertaking at the highest level; even though the details of any individual risk can be complex and potentially devastating to a valuable project. Whether executing a large power plant engineering project, or a small project replacing a single piece of material handling equipment, the best way to minimize and manage risks is adequate foresight and planning. One key to success is involving industry experts who have experience in identifying and planning for critical project risks in previous projects and know how to mitigate them.


Navisworks allows users to open and combine 3D models, navigate around them in real-time and review the model using a set of tools including comments, redlining, viewpoint, and measurements. Acensium uses Navisworks as its primary tool for ‘clash detection’.

Prioritizing Safety

Whether through virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), or by incorporating avatars into computer models, there is nothing as powerful or as accurate as experiencing or observing how the human form will interact with elements within a project.

Improve Communication

Humans are wired to work visually. 3D Scanning services provide the 3D insight you need to improve communication in your project. 3D scans give millmeter-accurate representations of equipment and environments.

3D As-Built Services

Our 3D scanning services deliver the data needed to create visualizations of as-built records and existing conditions surveys in dynamic 3D imagery that can be easily understood by decision makers from the plant floor to the boardroom.

Acensium Article on 3D Scanning for Project Streamlining and Risk Management Featured in Industry Today

An article by Rowan Connelly, General Manager at Acensium, was recently published by Industry Today. In this piece, Rowan explains how Acensium was able to collaborate with an Installing Contractor for a large North Carolina power plant to streamline project workflow and minimize risk.

Capture savings and reduce risk with 3D digital twins for construction

3D Scanning for construction provides a digital environment that forms a digital basis for project planning, approvals and execution. Each phase of construction can be designed in one combined environment.

How Engineering Firms can Leverage 3D

Millimeter-accurate measurements can be made from a desk instead of onsite, detailed renderings can be delivered to all project stakeholders to make sure every party is in alignment and project risks can be identified with 3D scanning of a new project space.

What could you do with a high definition scan of your next project? Our millimeter-accurate scanners capture reality in very high detail. Want to learn more? We’re ready to help. Let’s discuss your project today!


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