Retrofit Project Execution

We are specialists in heavy industrial plant engineering and risk management experts. Even engineers with vast experience and well accustomed to industrial plant engineering require a comprehensive risk management plan when dealing with executing retrofit projects.

Safety, Scope, Budget, and Schedule are all dependent on adopting a proven risk reducing, engineered workflow.   Our risk management approach involves identifying, evaluating and prioritizing risks.  We then allocate resources and technology to minimize, control or eliminate the risks based on their prioritization.

Risk management is an important part of any engineering project – whether building a new facility, retrofitting an old one, or implementing equipment to meet safety standards.

Our Approach

Create an Accurate As-Built

Every design or engineering effort must start with the end in mind. By identifying, documenting, discussing, and agreeing upon nearly every expectation of the project, before design starts, the chance of a successful project outcome nears 100%.

Safety Review and Clash Detection

Identify the show stoppers before the design is even approved! When you are working in virtual 3D representation, not only are you able to figure out dimensional clash, but now you can collaborate on operation, maintenance and safety clash. Virtual 3D design places you in the scene, allowing you and your team to fully understand the design’s impact while it is still inexpensive to modify.

Laser Inspect your Fabrication and Equipment

Make sure your critical fabrication and purchased equipment will fit before it ships. Reworking fabrication in the field is expensive and may lead to a lower quality install. Finding out the mounting feet for large equipment are slightly off in the field can add days to an install. Inspect your design work with laser accuracy. See you new fabrication or equipment placed in the model before you approve it for shipment.

Develop the Functional and Operating Document

An accurate as-built is the foundation upon which a successful project is built. All too often, projects start with limited or incorrect dimensional data. Capturing reality and presenting it in 3D ensures a successful project outcome.

Performing World Class Engineering

Good enough, is neither good, nor enough. There is no such thing as commodity engineering in heavy industry. Acensium’s workflows keep plant, corporate, and 3rd party engineers focused on superior package delivery. Stop settling for “good enough”.

Drawings, Bid Packages, and Virtual Bid Meeting

Complete your bid packages and leave your bidders speachless – literally. A complete bid package leave little to no room for questions from bidders. You receive better bids. Still can’t host bidder groups on site for bid walkdowns? Bring the plant to them with a virtual bid meeting conducted on your virtual 3D plant site.

Leverage your 3D World during Installation Planning, Execution, and Turnover

Not everyone can read 2D drawings. Bring your 3D design and as-built to the field with you during install. Get greater buy-in and understanding from everyone involved in the project. When all team members can envision the final outcome, project success rates increase dramatically.

Capture savings and reduce risk with 3D digital twins for construction

3D Scanning for construction provides a digital environment that forms a digital basis for project planning, approvals and execution. Each phase of construction can be designed in one combined environment.

How Engineering Firms can Leverage 3D

Millimeter-accurate measurements can be made from a desk instead of onsite, detailed renderings can be delivered to all project stakeholders to make sure every party is in alignment and project risks can be identified with 3D scanning of a new project space.

Planning in 3D: Getting it right the first time

For project managers and teams managing complex demolition, installation and construction projects, avoiding risk is crucial. Often projects have large contingency budgets allotted to ensure that they can cover any unforeseen issues or difficulties during the project.

What could you do with a high definition scan of your next project? Our millimeter-accurate scanners capture reality in very high detail. Want to learn more? We’re ready to help. Let’s discuss your project today!


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