Acensium’s Bryce Clerk has been published in Product Design & Development magazine and in their weekly newsletter. The article ‘Garbage In, Garbage Out: How 3D Scanning Ends the Custom Fabrication Garbage Cycle.’ details the benefits of 3D Scanning and Simulation for the planning and execution of installation and retrofit projects that include custom-fabricated equipment. Bryce is the Director of Engineering at Acensium, an industry focused engineering and intellectual services provider with 20 years of experience in power generation.

From the article:

“Manufacturing new products often means designing custom equipment from scratch to meet your requirements. Tight space tolerances in manufacturing facilities mean that designs must not only function perfectly but be designed as efficiently as possible. Small variances in design or unaccounted for variables can be costly mistakes, requiring costly downtime in production, new fabrication as well as shipping costs. Designing upgrades or retrofits to work around a process bottleneck can pose additional issues, as the changes required are often critical and downtime stops all production on the line. Many manufacturers make due with manual measurements because that is what their engineers have always done and that is what they are comfortable with. As laser scanning becomes faster and more economical, many manufacturers are taking advantage of 3D scanning to reduce risk and costs when fabricating new equipment.”

Acensium is an industry-focused engineering and intellectual services provider originally founded in 2003 in Denver, Colorado. Acensium delivers 3D scan & model, consulting, operations and engineering support for the execution of construction and retrofit projects, providing services to the industrial and commercial partners throughout the United States. Acensium’s team are subject-matter experts in commercial and industrial 3D scanning, modeling and simulation. 3D scanning technology is advancing quickly and costs have decreased. If you have questions about 3D scanning for your company’s project contact Acensium.