For project managers and teams managing complex demolition, installation and construction projects, avoiding risk is crucial. Often projects have large contingency budgets allotted to ensure that they can cover any unforeseen issues or difficulties during the project. With issues or delays bearing significant costs, large contingency budgets change the dynamics of approving and funding a project. Delays in installation, equipment not to spec or unexpected difficulties in safe demolition cause labor costs to skyrocket. Reshipping or remanufacturing custom fabricated equipment adds significant expense. Predicting possible issues in advance can be difficult using traditional methods of manual measurements shared between stakeholders.

What is 3D Scanning?

3D scanning creates a digital representation of an environment or object in 3D that can be viewed, shared, measured and used in design and simulation tasks. The 3D environment can also be populated with 3D models designed independently, allowing your team to see a vendor or fabricator’s design in your space with the realities of operation and space at your fingertips. Demolition, installation, construction or operation can be simulated in 3D. This allows parts, equipment and people to ‘move’ in the digital environment checking for issues in operation, safety or clashes with other equipment.

Mitigating Risk

Reducing costly delays and downtime becomes more imperative when the project is underway in an operating facility where downtime costs more than the install-team labor. Avoiding delays and downtime through thorough simulation helps project teams minimize risks.

Reducing contingency budgets means more projects get approved and your team gets the credit for consistently being on-time and under budget. Propper planning ensures that teams get the deserved credit for successful completion of a complex endeavor without the negative feedback about cost-overruns. Contractors and consultants employing 3D scanning get the financial rewards often included in the terms for finishing a project early and under budget, making 3D scanning a revenue-generating activity.

Acensium is an industry-focused engineering and intellectual services provider originally founded in 2003 in Denver, Colorado. Acensium delivers 3D scan & model, consulting, operations and engineering support for the execution of construction and retrofit projects, providing services to the industrial and commercial partners throughout the United States. Acensium’s team are subject-matter experts in commercial and industrial 3D scanning, modeling and simulation. 3D scanning technology is advancing quickly and costs have decreased. If you have questions about 3D scanning for your company’s project contact Acensium.