Exciting New Services with Acensium

Ever since our founding in 2003, we’ve been committed to delivering the very best in engineering consulting and 3D scanning services to engineer material handling systems and help plan and execute retrofit projects. Because of our commitment to innovation and precision, we’ve continued to expand our capabilities into a variety of industries and specialties. As we take on new and exciting projects, our team continues to grow as well. We’ve added talented new engineers and as well as dedicated scanning staff in order to prepare ourselves for the challenges that lie ahead.

This year, we’re widening our footprint and including valuable new services for manufacturers, power plants, as well as any new and retrofit construction project. Our newest 3D scanning and modeling capabilities, like as-built project risk analysis and Augmented Reality design, aren’t limited to power plants and material handling. Commercial construction developers can also benefit from our services when retrofitting buildings or planning for other large-scale design challenges.

As the year goes on, the Acensium team is constantly looking to push boundaries and branch out into promising new fields. We’re developing AR and virtual reality (VR) programs that will revolutionize the onboarding and training of new staff using real-time instructional simulation. We’re also on the cutting edge of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) sensor network integration. Coupling the data from IIoT sensors with 3D scanned environments will allow augmented reality to become a powerful tool to display important data where it’s needed most. Integrating IIoT data with live visual feedback will lead to the next generation of operations monitoring, safety, and training programs.

Acensium is an effective partner for engineering design and laser-scanning services because we approach each job as a unique task with a defined set of requirements. There are no cookie cutter solutions that work 100% of the time in any industry. Knowing this, Acensium leverages decades of experience to deliver concrete analysis on every project. How can we help your facility improve operations and reduce risk? Contact us today!