Exactingly Inspected

Inspect what you expect them to respect.

If a plant is not using a laser-scanned as-built process for greenfield and brownfield facility design, retrofit engineering and installation – it is losing time and money. It doesn’t matter how good an engineer or design software is, without a laser-precise virtual environment to design new equipment within, there will be unexpected issues. Accurately designing and installing new equipment into a complex existing facility, without downtime, is a challenge even with laser scans. Without a detailed 3D environment unforeseen conflicts and design issues will cause delays, downtime and increased costs.

Acensium Principal Jason Adkins was recently featured in the January issue of Power Mag discussing Acensium’s work at the James M. Barry Electric Generating Plant. Adkins discussed the advantages that 3D scanning and modeling bring to long-term retrofit projects, like the one at Plant Barry, and how the technology can encourage collaboration from all levels of an organization, from the boardroom to the plant floor.

“3D scanning and modeling allowed all the stakeholders on the committee to have insight into all aspects of planning,” said Adkins. “By advocating for, and executing, planning policies that ensure stakeholder input, Plant Barry sets industry standards for project risk management.” Adkins goes on to touch on the specific individuals who played a role in the planning and execution of the various projects, including representatives from engineering, maintenance, and operations. “This process ensures that all plant stakeholders have influence in changes,” said Adkins, “And all perceivable outcomes are considered.”

You can read the full story in Power Mag here!

Acensium played a key part in Plant Barry’s retrofit projects over the span of 5 years, leveraging 3D scanning and modeling technology to deliver 3D visualization and engineering support for transfer point coal handling and risk management.

Scan. Model. Plan.
Reduce Risk.

Validate in the Shop

Complex design, leads to complex fabrication in the shop. Knowing how closely the fabrication matches your design allows you to plan for fab errors during installation.

Certified drawings are provided with manufactured equipment, but major equipment purchases still need to be checked before they ship out of the shop.

When Fractions Count

Avoiding existing conduit and other utilities? Matching up to an existing anchor bolt hole pattern from 50 years ago? If so, good enough is not good, or enough! When fractions count, it has to be right before it leaves the shop.

The days of inspecting with a tape measure and digital camera are over. We take over 800,000 measurements a second and compare every critical fabricated feature with our as designed model. When it leaves, its right!

The New Tape Measure

Laser-Scanning and Comparative Modeling affords the inspector a level of accuracy far exceeding any fabrication tolerance.

  • Laser-Scan to Capture Data Anywhere
  • Quickly Post Process and Model Scans
  • Provide Comparison Reports for Acceptance

Virtual Fit Up

Have parts and equipment come from multiple sites? Have each component fit up in model space. Stacking parts has never been so easy!

  • Check Bolt Hole Placement Accuracy
  • Discover Flange Wrappage Issues
  • Develop Overall Cumulative Fabrication Error on Large Systems

QA/QC Compliance Experts

We do this every day, typically you don’t. Let us provide the QA/QC on your fabrication to ensure you get what you paid for.

  • Dimension Accuracy
  • Welding & Forming Standards Compliance
  • Liner, Hardware, Equipment QA/QC
What could you do with a high definition scan of your next project? Our millimeter-accurate scanners capture reality in very high detail. Want to learn more? We’re ready to help. Let’s discuss your project today!


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