Material Handling Engineering

When undertaking complex retrofit or design engineering, there is substantial risk involved. Will retrofit designs perform as desired? Will installation difficulties create unexpected, costly downtime? A poor design with sub-optimal performance can cause numerous issues.

Bulk material handling operators are seeking engineered systems that not only minimize spillage and dust excursions, but those that do so while increasing the duration between major maintenance intervals.

What We Do

Flow Control Chute Engineer, Procure, and/or Construct

Like-kind Chute Design/Replacement

Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Material Separation

Feeder Replacement/Upgrades

Dust Mitigation

Load Zone Design

Transfer Houses

Crusher Houses

Fabrication Inspection

Combustible Dust Consulting

Biddable Package Development

Installation Support

Clearly Defined

The single most important part of any material handling project is the definition of scope and expectations. Every acensium project starts with a Functional & Operating Requirements Meeting.

Exactingly Inspected

The best designs will not yield a successful performance outcome if the complex fabrication is not completed within the design tolerances. Is your fabrication correct?

Robustly Engineered

Sound engineering practice begins with the study and mastery of fundamental math and science, but the true perfection of the craft occurs when the engineer applies this learning in the field.

Expertly Installed

“The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry..” – all the planning, engineering, and fabrication could be for naught if the installation crew does not fully understand the project.

Transfer Point Retrofit Key Criteria

Have a transfer point replacement project coming up? Our engineering team has been involved in over 1000 transfer point replacements!

Tripper Room Dust Control

Fighting to control dust in your bunker fill rooms? Seems like everything you do doesn’t even put a dent in the problem? We have a successful formula.

Active Dust Control

Active dust control is a capital and O&M intensive approach to solving your dusting problems. Learn how careful pre-planning and passive dust controls can help reduce risk.

Transfer Chutes

From the simple to the complex, our transfer chutes out perform any other design that has ever been offered to the market.

Crusher Houses

Optimization of Crusher Houses to extend crusher life, minimize fugitive dust, and increase throughput.

Transfer Houses

We have helped configure transfer towers to handle nearly 10,000 tph of material per hour, while passing through 3 splitter gates.

Washdown Systems

Custom designed washdown systems to remove combustible dust from material handling systems.

Mag Separators

Properly configured magnetic separation eliminates maintenance and downtime, while greatly improving performance.

Non-Ferrous Separation

Magnets leave rocks in your material flow. We design custom separation equipment and arrangements to meet your specs.

Capture savings and reduce risk with 3D digital twins for construction

3D Scanning for construction provides a digital environment that forms a digital basis for project planning, approvals and execution. Each phase of construction can be designed in one combined environment.

How Engineering Firms can Leverage 3D

Millimeter-accurate measurements can be made from a desk instead of onsite, detailed renderings can be delivered to all project stakeholders to make sure every party is in alignment and project risks can be identified with 3D scanning of a new project space.

Planning in 3D: Getting it right the first time

For project managers and teams managing complex demolition, installation and construction projects, avoiding risk is crucial. Often projects have large contingency budgets allotted to ensure that they can cover any unforeseen issues or difficulties during the project.

What could you do with a high definition scan of your next project? Our millimeter-accurate scanners capture reality in very high detail. Want to learn more? We’re ready to help. Let’s discuss your project today!


Learn how digital assets can enrich and improve your process.