Impo Magazine recently published an article written by Acensium’s VP of Scan and Model Services, Cale Collier. “3D Reality Capture Provides Insight and Enhances Communication” explores how having a 3D digital twin of the environment can help mitigate risk in both retrofit and maintenance projects. 3D reality capture eliminates the measurement errors and unknown dimensional information that is often encountered in traditional 2D as builts.

From the article:

Compounding on top of missing information, manual measurements and surveys sometimes are inaccurate, requiring new manual measurements on-site to correct erroneous data and fill in information missing from the as built entirely. Balancing maintenance with the need to keep the plant operating requires project plans to minimize plant downtime and project delays. Industrial and utility-scale maintenance and retrofit projects also have numerous stakeholders across all levels of expertise and technical skill. 3D digital project scans and models are the solution to comprehensive project planning, data collection, and communication between these stakeholders.

In addition to ensuring that the correct information is obtained for the project, this article also discusses how 3D reality capture can help align all of the stakeholders involved in the project and streamline the project workflow altogether. You can view the full article in Impo Magazine by clicking here.

As a leader in industrial 3D scanning and modeling, Acensium has collected more than 2 trillion scan points and converted these massive amounts of data into critical digital assets that are immediately available for use by our clients. We deliver 3D scan and model, consulting, operations and engineering support for the execution of construction and retrofit projects with the goals of reducing project risk and minimizing contingency budget through 3D reality capture. Cale help makes up our team of subject-matter experts that provide services to both industrial and commercial partners throughout the US. Contact us to find out how you can utilize our services in your next project.