Every project has its own challenges. Understanding the common pitfalls and having solutions is why your expert services have been engaged in the first place. Mitigating common difficulties from the start isn’t just a best practice for the project, it reassures the client and builds the trust needed to execute a project seamlessly. When scoping a new project opportunity having a 3D digitized twin of the project space is an invaluable tool. Millimeter-accurate measurements can be made from a desk instead of onsite, detailed renderings can be delivered to all project stakeholders to make sure every party is in alignment and project risks can be identified.

Before Your Project

3D scanning has traditionally been employed only for the largest projects to mitigate the risk of scope, schedule, and budget overruns. The labor and expertise required to scan a project have been thought of as prohibitively expensive for projects under a few million dollars installed cost. What many project and construction managers don’t realize is that nowadays effective laser scanning can be applied to nearly every project economically. Delivering detailed RFQs, planning demolitions or installations or designing new equipment for clients all benefits from thorough 3D scanning before a project.

During Your Project

During project execution, 3D scanning can provide a different role. Fabrication validation in 3D saves time and money, 3D installation validation avoids costly rework and process management ensures managers can stay on top of all aspects of a project in 3D. Integrating 3D into project processes also ensures that communications can be clear between all stakeholders, from the boardroom to remote vendors.

After Your Project

As you wrap a project, 3D scanning can still be an important tool. Besides being a value-added deliverable for your client that you can provide at the conclusion of the project, 3D scans of the as-built project can be used in future work or as part of internal projects. As-built scans can be part of training, case-studies or as part of the sales process.

Understanding the value of 3D scanning is only half the battle. To effectively employ 3D scanning you need to have engineering professionals scan your project. Getting effective scans efficiently, especially in commercial or industrial environments, requires knowledge and experience. Scanning experts with engineering experience ensure that you get the data you need, the first time.

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