In Acensium’s twenty years of experience, we have collected millions of cubic feet of data and over 2 trillion scan points. This raw scan data has been used to create digital twins of industrial projects that are available for immediate use by our clients, mitigating risk in retrofit and maintenance projects. Our reality capture practice has more than quadrupled in the last 2 years and we expect even more growth going forward.

To facilitate that growth Acensium has appointed Eric Barnes as Director of Operations for Scan and Model. His goal is to further develop the reality capture division as we continue to go beyond just scanning by adding 3D modeling to the mix. A recent press release announcing this news details Eric’s previous experience that will help him to thrive in this position as well as his plans for the company’s expansion in the upcoming year.

From the release:

Acensium has more than quadrupled its reality capture practice in the last 2 years and expects even more aggressive growth going forward. To facilitate further growth, it has enlisted Eric Barnes as the new Director of Operations to scale the Scan and Model division. 

For the next year, Eric has been tasked with implementing enterprise level workflow systems to manage growth out of Acensium’s new Georgia office. In his last position with Winsupply, Eric spearheaded internal efficiency by implementing a large procurement software solution.

Acensium’s industry-leading team is made up of subject-matter experts in commercial and industrial 3D scanning, modeling and simulation. We have spent the last twenty years executing material handling projects for industrial giants and delivering reality captures from the most demanding industrial and commercial environments. Acensium delivers 3D scan & model, consulting, operations and engineering support for the execution of construction and retrofit projects, providing services to partners throughout the United States. 3D scanning technology is advancing quickly and costs have decreased.

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