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We are applying technology in innovative ways to ensure the success of your project. Call or email us to discuss the challenges or unique requirements you are facing executing your projects and let’s start looking for a solution!

Currently, you can submit your ideas for industrial Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality applications for your industrial environment. If Acensium chooses your idea, you win both development time and either an Oculus Rift headset OR a 250$ Amazon gift-card.


All you have to do is visit and submit your idea.


Acensium uses virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and incorporates avatars into computer models to analyze risk and evaluate retrofit designs in 3D. There is nothing as powerful or as accurate as experiencing or observing how the human form will interact with elements of a project. Using the power of laser scanning to develop a highly accurate 3D model of the existing environment creates a background into which new equipment will be designed. This process can happen in just days, whereas the ‘old school’ method of documenting “as-built” conditions may have taken weeks or months with surveying equipment and tape measures. Once the background is in place, designing in 3D within that space puts all the physical constraints clearly in plain sight.

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After twenty years of service to the power generation industry, our specialties also include material handling design, coal dust control engineering for coal transfer systems and combustible dust process and compliance evaluations. Acensium provides accurate laser-scanned as-built modeling for engineering projects across industries. Whether undertaking commercial construction, industrial renovation or a power plant retrofit, Acensium brings decades of engineering and laser scanning experience to the table. Acensium couples professional engineering consulting knowledge cutting-edge edge 3D laser building scanning technology, 3D modeling and augmented reality for industry-leading results.