A piece by Cale Collier, VP of Scan and Model Services at Acensium, was recently published by Construction Dive. The article “Scan, Plan, Execute: 3D Reality Capture in Construction” details the ways in which 3D scanning can help keep construction projects stay on track in terms of both timeline and budget. As construction rework can be as high as 5% of the contract value, utilizing 3D reality capture to reduce the chance of possible rework can also reduce costs, increase profit margins, and help complete projects faster.

From the article:

Combining 3D reality capture with 3D modeling and simulation allows project managers to plan each phase and step of a project in detail, reducing risk and exposing unexpected difficulties in demolition or construction. Reality Capture using 3D scanning and modeling provides the most accurate as-built picture possible, generating an asset that can be used before, during and after the execution of any major project, reducing rework and mitigating costly delays and downtime.

Reality Capture positions your team for success before the project even begins by ensuring the planning and design phases have a 3D environment with real-world dimensions where new measurements can be made virtually. This ensures unmatched accuracy in planning along with delivering the ability to use simulation and modeling to reduce risk.

The article also mentions the advantages of 3D record-keeping and the tips you need to know to effectively implement 3D scanning in your next project. Read the full article in Construction Dive by clicking here.

Acensium delivers 3D scan and model, consulting, operations and engineering support for the execution of construction and retrofit projects. Our team of subject-matter experts provide services to industrial and commercial partners throughout the United States, reducing project risk and minimizing contingency budget through 3D reality capture. Contact us to find out how you can utilize our services in your next project.