• 100% Customer Satisfaction on Your Fabricated Parts: What is that Worth to You?

    The solution to 100% satisfaction is easier (and much more affordable) than you think. Acensium can 3D laser-scan both the area of the facility where your parts are being installed and 3D scan and model the finished parts when you complete them

  • 3D Scanning Provides a Digital Twin As Built for Demolition & Installation Projects

    Unexpected delays can extend production downtime and create significant unwanted labor and downtime costs. Reality capture using 3D scanning creates a digital twin that can be used to simulate every demolition and installation step before a single cut is made.

  • Product Design & Development Publishes Acensium Article on Benefits of 3D Scanning and Simulation

    Acensium’s Bryce Clerk has been published in Product Design & Development magazine and in their weekly newsletter. The article ‘Garbage In, Garbage Out: How 3D Scanning Ends the Custom Fabrication Garbage Cycle.’ details the benefits of 3D Scanning and Simulation for the planning and execution of installation and retrofit projects that include custom-fabricated equipment.

  • Manufacturing Business Technology Magazine Publishes Acensium Article, Working in Point Clouds

    A piece written by Jason Schwartz, a Principal at Acensium, was recently published in Manufacturing Business Technology Magazine.

  • Connect with us at the 2018 Generation Technical Conference!

    Acensium will be exhibiting at the 2018 Generation Technical Conference. Make sure to stop by Booth 102 to learn how our 3D scan & model services can be utilized in your next project.

  • The Adoption of Industrial Wearables: An Introduction

    As adoption of industrial wearables technology increases pace, facilities without wearables will eventually fall behind in efficiency and profitability. Understanding the opportunities industrial wearables present will help facilities decide which aspects of wearable technology will best benefit their operations.

  • Meet the Acensium Team at SPAR 3D

    Hosted by Diversified Communications, The SPAR 3D conference is considered the premier conference addressing the use and adoption of 3D technology within industrial and manufacturing applications and settings.

  • How do you transfer 10TB of data efficiently?

    (Hint: it’s not Comcast)   While 3D scanning technology is becoming more affordable and easy to use, there is still a huge gap between creating a usable 3D point cloud and gathering sufficient data to plan an industrial project, engineer equipment or execute a simulation. Commercial as-built scanning for basic construction or surveying may include...

  • 3D Scanning for Construction Project Management

    A scanning partner with experience and skill makes 3D scanning for construction a versatile and valuable tool, providing project insight and risk management that helps ensure projects are completed on-budget and on-time.

  • Dust Control in Sensitive Areas

    Combustible dust from tripper rooms and control rooms can find its way into these closed areas, causing unnecessary issues and risks. 3D scanning makes designing complex dust control systems more straightforward than most vendor-recommended equipment.