• Where Code Compliance Meets Engineering Reality, Experience is Key

    When ensuring combustible dust standards compliance there are always situations that aren’t specifically indicated in the standard. Extraneous situations or circumstances can exist that make compliance with the existing standard a unique challenge. Keeping 1M square feet of industrial space dust-free can often be difficult or impossible. When you can’t comply with the strict code...

  • Scanning through the holidays

    Over the Thanksgiving Holiday, Acensium was engaged in a number of critical scanning projects for industrial clients. Whether the job demands late hours or holiday work, we're committed to delivering the analysis needed to meet project deadlines.

  • Dust Control in Sensitive Areas

    Combustible dust from tripper rooms and control rooms can find its way into these closed areas, causing unnecessary issues and risks. 3D scanning makes designing complex dust control systems more straightforward than most vendor-recommended equipment.

  • Building Design & Construction Case Study Focuses on Complex Scanning Environments

    Building Design & Construction magazine recently published a case study featuring Acensium’s current work scanning and modeling the retrofit tasks for Plant Bowen’s Unit-4 fuel pipe.

  • Improved Maintenance Strategy and Excellent Planning Turns Coal Plant into a Top Performer

    Plant Scherer, long time engineering client of Acensium, was named Plant of the Year by the Powder River Basin (PRB) coal users group due to the significant enhancements made through multiple parallel retrofit projects.

  • Acensium Dust Control Retrofit Projects in Power Magazine

    Acensium Principal Jason Schwartz has a compelling piece in the August issue of Power Magazine, about an extensive long-term dust control project for a southern utility company; retrofitting the coal material handling systems at numerous plants.

  • Acensium 3D Building Scanning for retail renovation

    Acensium stepped out of the industrial world and into high-end retail to deliver precision laser scans for the Harry Winston Jewelry location in the Miami design district.

  • Acensium engineering & DEM data employed in key petcoke chute-work

    Acensium has decades of coal DEM data, but every unique material in a material handling project performs differently. Experience with a material doesn’t necessarily mean effective modeling, only with a feedback data-loop and adjustments can modeling become accurate.