Power Magazine has published an article by Acensium’s Vice President of Scan & Model, Cale Collier. The article ‘Improving Safety and Efficiency with Reality Capture’ outlines the advantages that 3D scan and model provides when it comes to the simulation of equipment operation and maintenance processes. This simulation allows insight into possible challenges or safety risks at each phase of the process.

From the article:

“Injuries and accidents that come down to process and equipment design are avoidable in the same way that unexpected component failure is avoidable – by closely examining the process in place, understanding the situations and risks that lead to exertion injuries and accidents. Simulation of equipment operations, processes and maintenance cycles in 3D allows close examination of the various scenarios and conditions that may be problematic and helping plants pinpoint potentially dangerous situations. New designs can be thoroughly vetted using 3D simulation before one component is fabricated.”

This article also explores the other benefits that come with using a digital twin for design and operations optimization, including improving the stakeholder team’s understanding of the process and decreasing long-term costs by catching functionality flaws early on.

Each team member at Acensium is a subject-matter expert in commercial and industrial engineering projects, 3D scanning, modeling, and simulation – including Cale, who has been working in the power industry for the past 20 years. Acensium has taken part in more than 1000 retrofits to existing transfer points and the design and installation of completely new, custom components in power generation and manufacturing facilities. Contact us to find out how you can utilize our services in your next project.