Project Risk Management is key to avoiding the numerous challenges in implementing a retrofit plan. Upgrading, replacing or expanding equipment is both challenging and difficult if proper planning and risk analysis is not undertaken. When delays or downtime can result in significant negative outcomes, project risk management becomes more than a matter of efficiency and becomes a matter of necessity. Acensium leverages 3D laser scanning and 3D modeling technology to evaluate the engineering demands of material handling or retrofit engineering projects. The positive impacts from working exclusively in 3D are extensive, but can be captured in a few major themes:

  • Prioritizing Safety
  • Improving Communication
  • Shortening Timelines
  • Elevating Quality
  • Reducing Cost

Acensium uses virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and incorporates avatars into computer models to analyze risk and evaluate retrofit designs in 3D. There is nothing as powerful or as accurate as experiencing or observing how the human form will interact with elements of a project. Using the power of laser scanning to develop a highly accurate 3D model of the existing environment creates a background into which new equipment will be designed. This process can happen in just days, whereas the ‘old school’ method of documenting “as-built” conditions may have taken weeks or months with surveying equipment and tape measures. Once the background is in place, designing in 3D within that space puts all the physical constraints clearly in plain sight.

Acensium brings decades of material handling engineering and project risk management experience coupled with cutting-edge laser scanning and 3D analysis tools to deliver engineering services to both industrial and commercial clients. You can read more about Acensium Project Risk Management on the project risk management page.