Petroleum coke (or petcoke) is a by-product of the oil refining process. When refineries extract fuels from crude oil, a solid carbon material known as petcoke is produced. Petcoke is a hard friable material that is mostly carbon, with different properties than coal, limestone or other common materials. Additionally, petroleum coke comes in various forms, needle coke, honeycomb coke, sponge coke and shot coke. Different variables during its creation lead to variance in the microstructure leading to the different varieties of petcoke. Petcoke is burnt in a number of facilities and is typically transported by ship or train from the coking vessels at the refinery to a facility where the coke is consumed.

Acensium has decades of coal DEM data, but every unique material in a material handling project performs differently, this is further modified by different chute liner materials. Over 30 material coefficients have an influence on the performance of chute-work. To derive these coefficients, a sample of the material to be handled and the chute liner material are lab-tested to determine the coefficients. Many firms create one DEM model and use it long-term without adjustment. Getting those coefficients correct by monitoring ongoing data and adjusting the coefficients based on real-world results is key to success. The difference between an ineffective chute and an effective chute may be only 0.5 degrees, accurate coefficient data helps determine and model this. An active data feedback cycle with monitoring and adjustment increases the total data points and gets you closer and closer to optimal. The more data you have on a material to adjust your models with the feedback, the better you can model for that material. Experience with a material doesn’t necessarily mean effective modeling, only with a feedback data-loop and adjustments can modeling become accurate.

Acensium is an effective partner for engineering design and laser-scanning services because we approach each job as a unique task with a defined set of requirements. There are no cookie cutter solutions that work 100% of the time. Knowing this, Acensium leverages decades of experience to deliver concrete analysis on every project.