An article by Rowan Connelly, General Manager at Acensium, was recently published by Industry Today. In this piece, Rowan explains how Acensium was able to collaborate with an Installing Contractor for a large North Carolina power plant to streamline project workflow and minimize risk. While installing miles of piping for a washdown and drainage system, the team learned of possible conflicts with a large gas supply system that was to be installed the next year which led to a number of ‘on-the-fly’ re-routes and creative mounting arrangements. Acensium was able to collaborate with the Installing Contractor for this N. Carolina power plant to integrate the project 3D as-built model and design on tablets to help avoid interference and conflicts for current and future installations.

From the article, “Tackle Unforeseen Risk, Streamline Project Workflows”:

The Installer, Keystone Constructors, Inc., had the foresight to equip their foremen and supervisors with tablets loaded with the as-built model and 3D design files created by Acensium that gave them immediate access to the digital twin of the environment. Armed with these devices, they were able to point the tablet at an area of the plant, see the virtual pipe runs, take measurements, and then make re-routing decisions quickly without having to go back to the office and pore over blueprints.

The incredibly tight clearances were already a challenge and future projects in the same area meant high chances for mistakes, delays, and costly downtime. By working with both the current and future project in a 3D environment, the Keystone Constructors, Inc team was able to detect possible clashes before they happen, saving time and money today and avoiding any extensive rework in the future.

In addition to project risk management, the article also expands on how the use of 3D models on tablets in the field changes the dynamics of project workflow and makes the decision-making process for everyone on site much more efficient. Read the full article published in Industry Today by clicking here

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