Acensium stepped out of the industrial world and into high-end retail to deliver precision laser scans for the Harry Winston Jewelry location in the Miami design district. Investors and business owners have “transformed this once-overlooked area of Miami into a vibrant destination for residents and visitors by presenting the best shopping, cultural and culinary experiences within an architecturally significant context.” The area was previously dominated by low-rise warehouse space. A campaign of renovation and new construction over the last 15 years has made the Miami design district into one of the premier high-end shopping and dining locations in Miami.

Acensium contacted by Brooklyn based Workspace 11 to assist with the build-out of a jewelry store in the Miami design district, Harry Winston.

Workspace 11 is an iron and steel specialist contracted to provide an elegant railing for a staircase central to the location. The railing arrived but did not fit as intended. The railing had to be shipped back to be re-fabricated and Workspace 11 wanted to ensure that they didn’t have the same trouble again when the railing returned.

Acensium was enlisted by Workspace 11 to provide as-built laser scans to ensure that the exact environment could be replicated by fabrication shop in 3D. The 3D laser scans would ensure everything in the design was made to the exact specification needed for a successful installation.

This was an atypical job for the Acensium laser-scanning crew. Used to the proclivities of industrial sites, the Harry Winston location was quite different in requirements and environmental challenges. No safety gear was needed, an important requirement in any coal plant or industrial setting. Working on a historical building retrofit means laser-scanning brick, plaster, timbers, and other materials. These materials do not give ‘hard’ reflections like the steel and aluminum found in an industrial setting. Acensium adapted to these unique materials, providing laser-precise as-built 3D building scan-data to Workspace 11 so they could complete the installation.

Acensium provides accurate laser-scanned as-built modeling for engineering projects across industries. Whether undertaking an historical renovation or a power plant retrofit, Acensium brings decades of engineering and laser scanning experience to the table. Acensium couples professional engineering consulting knowledge with cutting-edge 3D laser building scanning technology, 3D modeling and augmented reality for industry-leading results.