3D Solutions to Common Challenges of Working with As-Built Drawings

Traditional as-built drawings are often old and inaccurate. Inaccurate drawings lead to unexpected issues and critical delays.

Solution: 3D as-built scans ensure every aspect of the area is documented with millimeter accuracy. Designs, installation steps, operation and performance can all be simulated digitally.

2D as-built drawings are hard for everyone on the team to understand.

Solution: 3D as-built scans create digital 3D environments that are easy to understand, from the boardroom to the facility floor. Visualization in 3D is easy to manipulate, can be transferred online instantly and engaged with using various tools.

As-Built drawings take a long time to generate including a lengthy traditional survey process.

Solution: Often, 3D Scans for as-built drawings can be completed in during a lunch break. Your team can review the results when you get back. 3D scanning for project risk management can be accomplished daily or even more frequently so insight into every aspect of the project can be attained to ensure every fitting is to spec.

Every time there is a design change or rework, new manual measurements have to be made on-site.

Solution: 3D as-built scans create digital environments that allow millimeter-accurate ad-hoc measurements at any time even in inaccessible or hard-to-reach places. These digital measurements can be used to test new ideas, rework designs, or plan crucial project steps,

Planning demolition or installation for a retrofit project is difficult in 2D.

Solution: 3D as-built scans allow planning for new equipment placement and design, clash detection, and step-by-step project risk management oversight. The movement and final placement of each component can be planned in 3D to eliminate unnecessary and costly delays and downtime.

Changes and new equipment aren’t included in existing as-built drawings.

Solution: Accurate 3D scanned as-built drawings can be created after a project quickly and accurately. When changes or upgrades happen, new scans are a quick and easy way to ensure that there are always accurate records for design purposes, insurance documentation or the AHJ.

Fabricated equipment does not fit as designed or designs didn’t take certain aspects of the environment into account, costing time and money.

Solution: With accurate 3D-scanned as-built drawings a background, clash detection and design can be executed in 3D. When designs move to fabrication, fabrication can be validated through 3D scanning to ensure equipment arrives correctly the first time.

For as-built documentation, existing condition drawings or reality capture, 3D laser scanning is the fastest, most accurate, most efficient option. 3D laser scanning for project analysis and project risk management delivers tens of thousands of dollars worth of savings if only a single issue is detected. A scanning partner with experience and skill makes 3D scanning a versatile and valuable tool. 3D scanning is quick and accurate, providing project insight and risk management that helps ensure projects are completed on budget and on-time. Whether it’s new construction, renovation or retrofit projects, 3D scanning provides architects, engineers, BIM managers, general contractors, and construction managers with the information and insight to fix issues and make critical decisions before they cost time or money.

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