100% Customer Satisfaction on Your Fabricated Parts: What is that Worth to You?

Attention Fabricators! – What if I told you that I could help you get 100% satisfaction from every customer, for every fabricated part you deliver? No more back-charges for re-work, or worse yet, having to ship your parts back to your facility to make changes. Your senior leadership won’t have to attend those ‘fun’ meetings with plant owners to explain why their outages were either delayed or ran long because of your fabrication re-work. The profit you included in your proposal will stay in your bank account and not in a contingency fund “just in case”.

The solution to 100% satisfaction is easier (and much more affordable) than you think.

Acensium can 3D laser-scan both the area of the facility where your parts are being installed and 3D scan and model the finished parts when you complete them. 3D scans have millimeter accuracy and ensure parts were built exactly as specified and will fit properly when installed. By placing the 3D model of your parts into the 3D scan of the facility, you have a way to provide accurate proof to the owner that the parts will always fit when installed and your risk is reduced to ZERO!

This proof of adherence to design or install specifications can be provided for verification and acceptance by your customer BEFORE the parts ship, ensuring that they know and approve of exactly what they will receive. If scans show any changes are deemed necessary, you can make them at your shop, with your personnel, at a greatly reduced cost. The customer may never even know you had to make the changes. Your delivered product will be a perfect fit the first time.

With exceptional service to your customer, the chances of being awarded future projects grows 75% or more. Your reputation in the industry is the most important thing for future business. With 3D scanning, your reputation will be one of setting the highest standards of fabrication excellence. You will be noticed, and word will spread. If your reputation is already good, you can make it exceptional.

Acensium can help you with parts as small as a replacement motor, to as large as a completely new plant. Now is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of these services and prove to the industry that you are the BEST at what you do, with proof before delivery.