Acensium attended the annual Southern Company Technical Conference as a speaker and exhibitor for 2017. Acensium brought Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) hardware and software to exhibit the cutting edge in 3D visualization and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) to Southern Company employees from various plants. In addition to their interactive exhibit display, Acensium presented to the Fire Safety and Combustible Dust Mitigation session. Detailing past Southern Company projects that Acensium has undertaken focused on dust control, Acensium also took the opportunity to discuss the benefits of 3D scanning and visualization in undertaking dust-control focused retrofit projects.

While manning the exhibit, many people were standing back and watching as people tried out the VR hardware, most of them said something to the effect of – ‘That’s cool.’ As the ‘watchers’ moved forward to try out the gear, there was a universal response: ‘Whoa!’ Immersing yourself in a virtual world takes what looks like an interesting experience from the outside and makes it undeniably real. Acensium was able to talk to numerous interested people and hear ideas of how VR and AR hardware can be applied in various plant capacities.

Repeatedly, people who visited the booth earlier would return with friends or colleagues in tow, ready to show them the VR experience. Acensium was thrilled to be known as the ‘Fun Booth’ at the conference by bringing innovative cutting-edge hardware to generate conversations on the future of this technology in the plant environment. Acensium brings decades of material handling engineering and project risk management experience coupled with cutting-edge laser scanning and 3D analysis tools to deliver engineering services to both industrial and commercial clients. For more information on AR, check out our AR website section.