Acensium Principal Jason Adkins was recently featured in the January issue of Power Mag discussing Acensium’s work at the James M. Barry Electric Generating Plant. Adkins discussed the advantages that 3D scanning and modeling brings to long-term retrofit projects, like the one at Plant Barry, and how the technology can encourage collaboration from all levels of an organization, from the boardroom to the plant floor.

“3D scanning and modeling allowed all the stakeholders on the committee to have insight into all aspects of planning,” said Adkins. “By advocating for, and executing, planning policies that ensure stakeholder input, Plant Barry sets industry standards for project risk management.” Adkins goes on to touch on the specific individuals who played a role in the planning and execution of the various projects, including representatives from engineering, maintenance, and operations. “This process ensures that all plant stakeholders have influence in changes,” said Adkins, “And all perceivable outcomes are considered.”

You can read the full story in Power Mag here!

Acensium played a key part in Plant Barry’s retrofit projects over the span of 5 years, leveraging 3D scanning and modeling technology to deliver 3D visualization and engineering support for transfer point coal handling and risk management.

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