A Grizzly Solution

Acensium was contracted to help design and install a new system to remove a choke-point in a critical transfer tower in Alabama. Plant management knew that 40% of Alabama’s power was dependant on that tower functioning properly. Issues with coal blockages in that tower were a risk that the engineers knew they needed to resolve – A major issue in the tower could be catastrophic for power delivery. They enlisted Acensium to help analyze the problem and design a solution.

To complete the job successfully, Acensium had to minimize structural modifications while enhancing the tower performance as outlined by plant management. Fitting new equipment within the structure requires clearances of only a few inches to fit around existing equipment. As-built, one orifice was taking the entire throughput of the tower to load the belts. Acensium engineered a design that tripled the possible throughput for the building by adding a second path to load the same belts within the same tower, adding reinforcing structure as needed, while fitting in and around existing equipment and structure.

While scanning and modeling the transfer tower project, Acensium was made aware of a clogging issue within a material handling system. The issue had become evident in a separate system that was fed by the trencher. At the head of one of the underbelts, where the existing ‘grizzly-bar’ system was installed, the plant was experiencing increased maintenance demands to clear large rocks with a hydraulic system and shovels, from the 5th floor of a building, when there were blockages. ‘Grizzly-Bars’ are a term for a sizing grid – a metal screen that only allows objects of a certain size to pass, filtering out larger objects. The existing sizing system was set up in a way where the larger objects were getting filtered so that obstructions would require clearing regularly at a point midway through the material handling process.

Acensium studied the system, from the point the rail-cars drop off the coal to the point where the current grizzly-bars were installed. After analysis, Acensium determined an efficient solution: By moving the grizzly-bar filtration system to the trencher, where the initial loading was being done at the very beginning of the conveyor, large objects filtered out by the grizzly-bars could be easily cleared while having the same effect as implemented down the line.

There are no cookie cutter solutions that work 100% of the time in any industry. Acensium is an effective partner for engineering design and laser-scanning services because we approach each job as a unique task with a defined set of requirements. Acensium leverages decades of experience to deliver concrete analysis on every project. Contact us today!