Acensium will be attending this year’s Southern Company Technical Conference as both a session presenter for the Fire Protection & Combustible Dust Mitigation session and as an exhibitor on the conference floor. As an exhibitor, Acensium will put cutting-edge technologies on display with live, interactive demos of Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) hardware and software.

Within an industrial environment, maintenance engineers are using AR to inspect equipment for faults in real-time, while the machinery operates. If a problem arises they cannot solve, the system can connect them to equipment experts or vendor engineers that can ‘see through their eyes’ and help diagnose and solve the issue. An engineering consultant brought in to retrofit of a power plant can quickly assess the current situation using Augmented Reality hardware and can then use the AR system to superimpose models of new equipment over the view of the actual plant while looking for possible conflicts with structural members, conduits or risks to personnel. After retrofits are complete, maintenance personnel benefit from modern industrial equipment embedded with many discrete sensors collecting data and feeding information on the status of various components. Linking this sensor network to AR gives insight into every part of a facility with a glance.

Digitization, AR & VR technology go beyond the maintenance engineering or retrofit engineering needs of an industrial facility. As with every business, managing knowledge transfer and onboarding new staff is a critical task. As key employees retire or move on to different opportunities, seamless transfer of responsibility is needed for continued efficient operation. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality bring knowledge transfer tasks to a new level of automation. AR/VR hardware can be used to ‘record’ standard tasks and situations handled by veteran personnel, providing a ready-made ‘tutorial’ experience for new hires. Once a facility is digitized, facility-specific (or equipment-specific) tasks can be turned into virtual tutorials or tours, allowing the training process to start on a computer screen and progress to hands-on training, always backed by digital ‘guidance’ from the experts who recorded the proper procedure for the tasks initially.

Check us out at the Southern Company Technical Conference, or contact Acensium for more information.