Acensium, the leader in material handling engineering services and engineering risk management consulting, has partnered with DAQRI. With decades of experience in coal handling and bulk material handling consulting Acensium has used laser scanning for the analysis and management of complex projects for a number of years. This extensive laser scanning experience lent itself to a new relationship for Acensium, a partnership with Augmented Reality technology developer DAQRI.

DAQRI develops and delivers cutting edge Augmented Reality hardware and software that provides the means for dynamic leverage of digital data in a real-world environment. Augmented Reality makes everyday tasks more efficient, showing key data and metrics, providing enhanced ‘views’ of machinery or products and can even include thermal imaging for industries where that ability adds value. AR also creates a new normal for the capture and preservation of intellectual capital from business processes and veteran employees for the purposes of knowledge transfer and on-boarding.

With a comprehensive suite of Augmented Reality products DAQRI is blazing the trail in the AR sphere, bringing innovative technology to workplaces at competitive prices. The biggest hurdle for a firm to overcome in implementing AR technology is the digitization of existing environments. This is where the partnership with Acensium shines. With Acensium’s decades of laser scanning and facility digitization experience, clients who are undertaking a facility retrofit, an EOL equipment replacement or a new project can leverage the scan data Acensium gathers to also implement AR hardware as part of the same effort. AR hardware can then be interconnected with the digitized environment data, wireless machine sensor data and more – providing a new level of profound insight for technicians, engineers and decision-makers alike.

Interconnected sensors, digitized environments, virtual on-boarding and familiarization systems that can be taken from the classroom and utilized identically on the plant floor… Just a few years ago this was technology reserved for military DARPA budgets totaling in the billions. The partnership between DAQRI and Acensium brings these concepts to an easily attainable reality, providing both the expertise and guidance needed to seamlessly integrate Augmented Reality technology into your business.